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Dos Senoritas

There are plenty of Mexican restaurants in Sydney, but few can compete with Dos Senoritas Gladesville for authenticity and quality. Chef Domingo is from the streets of Guadalajara, Mexico. His goal in setting up Dos Senoritas was to provide customers with the most authentic and best Mexican food in Sydney. As there are many restaurants in Gladesville, Domingo wanted to create the best restaurant in Gladesville and create a new opportunity where customers could experience quality Mexican food, great cocktails, and enjoy a great atmosphere. While it’s easy to find burritos, tacos, and the like, you have to visit Gladesville and experience true quality along with generous portions. When you visit the restaurant in Gladesville, you’ll see the menu boasting Domingo’s specialties.  His famous moles – Mole Poblano, chicken breast cooked slowly in green mole pepian or Mole Oaxaca, featuring chicken cooked in a dark chocolate sauce – or his tamales stuffed with chicken or beef and wrapped in a corn husk. This is without mentioning his award winning tacos!
Dos Senoritas offers an ever-changing repertoire of specials, regional specialities and seasonal dishes that reward repeat visits. Pay Dos Senoritas a visit and experience the best Mexican restaurant in Sydney.

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Shop 2, 3-7 Cowell St, Gladesville NSW 2111

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